All gone except for lonely Fun Fur

Mom has decided she is not really a Fizz(Crystal Palace) or Fun Fur (Lion Brand) kind of gal. So I offered to destash it for her.

Up for trade:

GONE Fizz, 1 ball, shadows color 7114 (lt grey to dk gray variegated), new
GONE Fizz, 1 ball, painted iris color 7119 (pink, mauve, blue variegated), a few yards frogged, but ok

[color=red]STILL AVAILABLE[/color] [color=indigo]Fun Fur, 1 ball, champagne 124, (lt tan), new[/color]
GONE Fun Fur, 1 ball, ivory 098 (ivory!), new

GONE Schachenmayr Micro Big Shine, 1 full skein (50g, 87 yd) plus a partial, lilac color 44 (click on shade card at the link). I made a scarf with the other skeins of this

I’m open to just about anything yarn-ish, pattern-ish, fiber-ish, fabric-ish, crafty-ish, and needle-ish. Cash even. Tho for one ball, I wouldn’t charge too much. I’m planning on offering more stuff up. Just have to get it organized. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking!

Edited: This Crystal Palace “Fizz” is not the same “Fizz” yarn that is being recalled for flammability. The flammable Fizz is made by Sirdar, and being re-formulated and will be released as “New Fizz”. Two different Fizzes!

(Deleted my post wondering if this was the one recalled.)

Just did a google search and found this link:

Sirdar Fizz, the one being recalled, is NOT the same as Crystal Palace Fizz.

The recall I heard about was Bernat Furz, wasn’t it? :thinking:

Wow, y’all are fast replyers! I just researched it and edited my post, but not before you answered my question KnitQueen! :smiley:

Yes, Bernat “Fur-Out” as well.

Do you still have the champagne fun fur? I really need a skein of that.

I think I might have something you may be interested in, if you’re willing to hang on to that fun fur for a couple of days.

Hangin’! LOL I’ve had it since April. No rush. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it!


Weeee…then I’m staking claim to it. I’ll work on something tonight and then PM you back with my potential swap item.

Hiya Carol -
I emailed you from last week - sorry took so long, my bad! Did you get it?



I think I did but now I can’t find it. I get a TON of email and I’m way behind because I’m swapped with the eBay selling. I’m also a consumate sweeper, so I get a lot of junk from entering contests - but you can’t win if you don’t enter!

Anyway - send it again please! I’ll keep an eye out! :shock:

Re-sent! (and a pm!)

:XX: :thumbsup:


negotiating* :thumbsup:

Thank you so much sweety - you ROOOOOOCK!




Gonna go knit now :wink:


xo Anne

Rah! The Microshine is outta here (thanks Denise - see other post for rave review of Denise’s stitch markers!).

I still have the lonely ball of champagne colored Fun Fur.

I’m starting a new trade thread with more yarn and some needles listed.