All done

Finally finished after a little hic up.:woot:


Those are just too cute! Nice job.

How cute are they! You did a great job!!!

Oh, please. Those are so funny and so cute. Very well done, hiccup included.
I’m not given to naming my knitting but those seem to call out for a name.

Love 'em! Someone’s feet are going to roar with happiness! Well done. You’ll probably have to make more now, someone will growl with jealousy. You did it to yourself! :wink:

Just be sure to take pride in having made something so cute and lovable. :thumbsup:

Those are fantastic, I’d be doing the happy dance too!

Adorable! [COLOR=Red]I love love love love![/COLOR]

They make me cry out…I WANT A PAIR TOO! ADORABLE!

So very cute! They would go well with the lion hat I made for my niece last year:

Good job!