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Hi everyone…I just completed a Knitted “Tam”, however the 1x1 rib (around the beg edge) seems to be a “little big”…I want to add a “crochet edge” to get the edge a little tighter without squashing everything together…Is there any particular crochet st I should use? Or should I just skip a few sts,and use a sc?? Is there any pat sts that might work out to tighten up the edge yet stretch too, just to keep the 1x1 kinda uniform??? Or should I just pu some sts and do a row of K:shrug: Thanks…BTW used the long tail co…

There are several different things you could do - certainly a single crochet skipping some stitches or a single using up two stitches every so often could also work - you might need to play with it a little so you didn’t tighten it up too much. I love the crab stitch because it is decorative (you could even do it in a different color), and if you used a smaller needle, but not too small, it could serve to tighten it slightly. Are you familiar with the crab stitch? Just love it for borders on my knitted stuff! :slight_smile:

Yea, I am familiar with that stitch!!! Thanks, see sometimes it “pays” to post!!! Happy New Year!!!

If you wanted to, you could also get some thin elastic and thread it through your ribbing horizontally.

I don’t think crochet is as stretchy so be careful when you do it that it’s not too tight. I recently used single crochet to stabilize/tighten the edge of a flip top mitten and it worked well, but I had to be careful. I skipped maybe two stitches across 4 inches or so.

Yea, my point… exactly…my first “post” was in Crochet…I was looking for a specific “stretchy” pat st…I know that in the past when I have tried a “crochet st” to make a project “tighter” it doesn’t (a crochet st) have enough “give”…Thank you Happy New Year!!:hug:

I give up…what’s the crab stitch? :slight_smile:


Ruthie :knitting:

To me, it feels like crocheting ‘backwards’, and is sometimes called the reverse SC stitch. If using as a border on knitting, I just play with a little, and different hook sizes, until I find one that matches what I am trying to achieve on a border look/gauge.