Alive and Kicking

Just checking in. Been pretty busy with work.

I made a hat to match the sapphire sweater but wound up giving it away to a young lady. I still have some of the yarn left so I’ll just make another one.

Back to work now.

Glad to hear things are going well for you. How`s your Mom doing?

Drive safely my friend!

Nice to see hear that you are ok Mason,
Take care :slight_smile:

Oh good - I am glad you are busy. Better than not enough work.
Yes - how is your Mom? I am headed to NY next week to spend time with mine.

Thanks for letting us know that you are alright. It has been awhile…

Great to hear from our fav road warrior!!!:yay: :blooby:

:waving: :sun:

Thanks folks. Mom is doing quite well.

Good to hear from ya and so glad to hear your mom is doing well!

Glad to hear from you. I hope your health is ok too.

I was about to put out another kapb-knitters’s all points bullentin. Thanks for checking in! Glad you got some work and your mom is good:muah:

Hi, ya!:waving:

Nice to hear from you! Safe travels! :thumbsup:

I thought of you on my way to work. They were talking about a new rule. Starting Thursday truckers can’t drive in the left lane on our highways around St. Louis. I don’t know why. Heads up.

I don’t understand what places keep on passing these moronic restrictions. They’re very unsafe and according to every traffic study done they make congestion even worse.

Forcing large vehicles into the right lanes closer to traffic getting on and off the highway is just creating an accident situation where there shouldn’t be one.

The vast majority of trucks are just passing through on their way to somewhere else and it would make far more sense to restrict them to the left lanes away from the ramps unless they actually need to exit. The vast majority of 4 wheel traffic is local and is getting on and off the ramps and need to be in those right lanes anyway.

Well, nobody ever said government was smart. Just remember, those trucks are being forced into those lanes so be extra careful getting on and off the ramps as the trucks won’t have the option to move over and avoid you. Thank your local government for that.