Alien Illusion Scarf from Stitch 'N Bitch book

I’m pretty new to knitting, but decided to give this scarf a whirl…have never experienced ‘carrying’ colors…am carrying the alternating color up the side at beginning of row…but my question is…when I get to where I need that other color, but in the center of a row, how do I get it over to the center? Do I somehow catch it in stitches along the way over to the center or will I simply carry it and have a length of it on the back side? This question make ANY sense? LOL Thanks

Watch the video under the Advance Techniques tab called “How to knit with 2 colors at a time”. I think that will help you out :wink:

I’m on dial-up and have a heckuva time loading the videos :frowning: maybe I can try it from a high speed puter at some point, thanks!

I haven’t done any of the illusion scarves, but usually when you need to start a new color in the middle of a row, you start fresh rather than carry one along. Make a slip knot in the new color and pull that through for your first stitch of the new color. Make sure the old color is pulled over to the left so when you make the next stitch with the new color it comes up from under the old one.

Well, because the pattern tells me to carry it up the side for switching between rows, that kinda led me to believe I should have a way to get it over to the center?? No??

hey newbie, it’s me, jelly!! i answered your pm on the other board

but if anyone here is interested in making that scarf, you knit alternate rows, so there is no carrying the yarn into the middle - you do one row of green and one row of black at a time

Well DUH me, DUH me, DUH me…I can see now that I’ll always be using the color I need. Got in a panic over this chart reading I guess and forgot what the hell it is I’ll be doing…GEESUS. Thanks Jelly!