Alice Starmore

Check it out. I just got this from the library. Anyone ever made Elizabeth? Or anything else from this book?

Warning: Attached is large PDF file

oops it wouldn’t let me attach it. Hmmm… maybe if I save it as a jpeg… :??

I do know that Alice Starmore ROCKS and I dream of being able to knit her projects one day :smiley:

I’ve been curious about this post, too. I have a couple of her books, and, well I’m curious. :rollseyes:

Ingrid! I love the new avvy! So cute!


lesse, lemme try this :thinking:

Femi – you need me to post your photo so we can see it better. [color=red][size=6]I [/size][/color]could make it big! :wink:


OK I guess I just can’t post it. I got the book from the library and scanned the images into a PDF file and I can’t upload PDF files. So I tried to capture an image from the file and save it as a JPEG and post it that way. But it didn’t come out so good. Could I upload it as a Word file? :thinking:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

From what I can tell, it looks very pretty. I would love to see a better pic. If you email me the pdf file I might be able to get it into a higher res jpeg with my photo software. My email is ckemp AT THIS IS FOR NO SPAM!

Oh…and I got your entries for my contest! They are so nice…thank you!