ALERT: VIRUS via e-greetings

There is a virus/malware attempt going around that comes in the form of an electronic greeting or e-card in your email. I have already gotten THREE of these emails in the last week, but have deleted them all.

[B]This a real virus alert, please read about it at[/B]. DO NOT click on any link in an e-greeting card unless you KNOW the sender and it is a real e-card.

[COLOR=Red][B]ETA: This is an active virus. A KH member has recently become victim to this virus. Please everyone, be careful!![/B][/COLOR]

I heard about this. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the heads-up Silver.

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Yeah - I’ve received about 7 so far…disguised as if from all the different e-card companies. The first one I got “felt funny” so I went directly to the web site (NOT through the link) to mannually put in the e-card # - there was a notice on the site about the virus attempts saying the links in the e-mail directs you to a site that can lift the info off of your system YIKES! Be careful everyone!!

Hi Silver

Many thanks … I used American Greetings two days ago to send 4th July cards to friends. This virus is tagging on after you’ve used a [B]genuine[/B] web greeting card company, claiming that a schoolfriend or a relative had sent me greeting cards.

You’re welcome everyone. Stay safe!
Evil virus-makers suck. C’mon Karma!

I have received SEVERAL of these emails in the last week… stoopid virus senders! Its funny, though… these say “a neighbor” or “a friend” or “a family member” has sent you a greeting… any REAL company will list the actual sender’s NAME in the subject line.

I’ve received on the average a dozen a day! It is getting so OLD! Thanks for the warning though! I just heard from a friend who said there is another phone scam going around. Caller says they are from phone company and need to check the phone line and need for you to press 9 0 #. This allows caller to use phone line for long distance calls. Probably coming from prison. Be careful!!

Thank you,i will look out for them my sister sends me a lot of them.I will check them first now just in case.

Good advice, Silver.
Take it a step further:
And further:
I don’t even click on the links from people I know if they have been forwarded from strangers. (Memo to my beloved sister: I hate to tell you this, sweetie, but I haven’t been reading/viewing/listening to all those jokes and videos you keep sending because I don’t know where they originally came from.)

This is true! In my area, they are coming from Cook Co jail…The prisoner claims to be a 911 dispatcher telling the caller that their number was found in a cell phone of a car accident victim and to get further info, they have to dial a number starting with *73 or something. DON’T DO IT or else all their long distances charges will be sent to you! :pout:

The greetings card bods tried another one today - said I had a card sent to me from a [B]mate[/B]. Cheeky beggars - it’s bad enough them trying to offload a virus without taking the p*** as well! :rollseyes:

Well being technically savvy, I can say I’ve never gotten a virus on my machine. Although if I did, I know pretty much how to get rid of one without too much trouble. The advice Silver has given is pretty sound, and I practice it religiously.

I have to admit that I do the same thing.:lol:

Bumping this thread to keep everyone in the loop. Recently, a KH member fell victim to this virus. Please everyone, be wary of e-cards from strangers!!!

Thanks very much for re-posting this Silver. :star::star::star::star::star:

All the Best