ALERT: noob question

I am trying to make a sweater for my greyhounds I couldn’t find a pattern to save my life so I’m making it up as I go along. Anyway on to the question. this is my first sweater ( I will be making 2) when I get to the arm holes do I bind off in the front and then work from a diffrent ball of yarn to continue in the back? I hope I asked this question right I’m not real good with them fancy knittin’ terms yet.

I don’t know how helpful this will be since you have already started, but maybe it’ll give you some ideas on construction.

Let me try again. (I 'm using circular needles) how do I make arm holes?

Here’s another Web generated dog sweater that has, I think, a bit more detail on doing the leg bits.

It might be worthwhile to pick up a copy of this

to help get the project done successfully. That ain’t no greyhound on the cover, but the book seems to cover sweater architecture for all canine varieties. (There’s another dog sweater book out there, but it looks too cute for words – I mean, doggy ponchos,rainhats and other things that a Yorkie might wear but not a big, dignified dawg.

oops. nevermind.

If you’re knitting in the round, then yes, you bind off for the arm holes, then join a new piece of yarn for the chest section. Work the sections separately until you have an armhole that is the size you want. Then you’ll have to cast on across the armholes to get back to the round work. Does that make sense?

mostly. I don’t understand the cast on across the arm holes part. also how does one do the neck opening for a crew neck?
PS pics really help if you have any. thanx in advance.