Albuquerque Yarn Harlot

Okay, I just can’t make up my mind.

Should I throw an overnight bag together and hop in the car and drive to Albuquerque to see the Yarn Harlot at her signing tonight?

1)I have a 9-month-old who’d have to come with.
2)I’d have to stay overnight because of the length of the drive and time of the event: (~5 hour drive from El Paso, event is over at 8:30pm)
3)And lastly, when I called on Tuesday after visiting the Village Wools website, they said you needed a ticket, and that they were all gone, none had been turned in.

I’d probably have to leave in the next hour or so in order to take it easy on the road.

Am I crazy or what? Should I go? I can’t drive to Austin for Saturday morning, her next stop, that’s a ~12 hour drive away.


mm as long as you dont mind disappointment - no ticket no entry? I dunno I’m crazy enough to drive to the next one instead :wink: but then I live in the UK =P

i’d probably just hang out outside and accost her to sign my books afterward.


also, the tix were free, so i’m thinking it might just be space issues. they might let “that crazy lady from el paso” squeeze in…

and i was thinking as a back up, i could bring my baby monitors and ask them to plug it in, so i could hear outside…

i’m definitely wacko.

i just really want to go, but Austin is just way too far to drive with a 9 month old by myself.


okay never mind, I just saw the top of my baby’s mouth, which i’ve been monitoring these past few weeks, and his top left front tooth is erupting!!!

yay, top teeth to match his bottom two!!!

off to go get a cool washcloth, poor little guy, guess it wasn’t his ennui acting up this morning, he really had something to cry about!

driving ~5 hours with a teething baby is beyond insane, even for me.


I can relate… I would have considered it… but w/ teething child… nope… Granddaughter going through getting both sides of her jaw teeth at once… yikes… sending daughter day spa coupon for 1 week from now… she’ll need it.