Alan Dart patterns

I’ve seen a few Alan Dart patterns and think they are wonderful! Does anyone know how complicated these are to make? I’m not sure if I should try to purchase the patterns or not. I am fairly new to knitting and am considering trying these but if they are too difficult for me, I would rather hold off.

They are not for beginners, but they are hard to find once they go out of print, which seems to be immediately. So I would get them while I could, and then set them aside for the future.

Thanks! Good to know.

If you’d like suggestions for an easier pattern let us know what you want. :thumbsup:

You can buy a lot of his patterns directly from him at this site:

I have ordered many patterns from there. I don’t think that these patterns are for beginners, but they aren’t too hard.

I’ve never heard of him before–those are really cute!