Alan dart patterns

I was looking for the alan dart partterns the pirate, or thomas the train ones. please let em know were I can find them or if someone has one I xwill glad ly pay xfor it. thanks!

I don’t have them, but I can tell you that the pirate pattern is in the July 2000 Simply Knitting, which I believe is a UK publication.

There’s also a pirate pattern in Simply Knitting July 2007 (issue 30) called Barnacle Bill. You might be able to order a back issue from Simply Knitting. You can also find it on ebay. On Ravelry, I think there’s some discussion about the Thomas the train pattern(s).

Good luck!

:knitting: I hope this will help you . I went to ebay and ran a search , Alan Dart . They have several and one or two were the pirate one. Good Luck. Let me know if you were successful?

check your kh inbox i pmed you