Alan Dart patterns?

Anyone have any or know where you can get them in the US? There are some super cute ones I would love to have but can’t find them!
There were some featured in Simply Knitting but unfortunately I missed out!

I googled Alan Dart knitting patterns and got quite a few hits. Worth checking out.:shrug:

Yeah I did that to, but the are all UK.

I have one of the simply knitting mags with a few animals in it- I’ll see if I can find it in my stack. as I remember it was the first in the two part series. Sometimes I’m able to buy the Simply Knitting at Borders. Expensive, but I like the magazine and the style and the patterns. I couldn’t find the second one there. I’ll wander off to check my pile and pm you if I find it.

I have a few in my Simply Knitting magazines :mrgreen: The latest one is a pirate!

That’s right DQ rub it in. Simply Knitting is released an issue behind the UK in the US, so they have only just put Issue 29 (June) on newsstands/book shops shelves.

I want a pirate!!! Waaaaaaahhhhhh

I LOVE Alan Dart patterns - they always are so well-detailed. I bought the entire AD Wallace & Gromit set off of eBay, and let me tell you, it cost a pretty penny. I’ve mostly seen them on eBay, and almost always f/the UK. Lucky them pout.

Still, am thrilled to have the set, and can’t wait to start knitting up Gromits and Shaun the Sheeps - and handing them over to friends, HA!! W/camera in hand, of course :wink:

Sheesh, why can’t we have them too?!
Anyone that can find his patterns in Simply Knitting I would LOVE them. I couldn’t find them anywhere!

I pm’ed you about the ones I found-

I just got my June today. I can’t WAIT for the pirate!!! I hope I am able to find it!

I’m just back from the PO- so check your mail in a few days!!

These people ship across the world. Alan Dart books etc here

Thanks sooooo much!

Just to tease you all…here’s a pic from the Simply knitting website -->

If anyone wants me to check my magazines and see which patterns I have them PM me :slight_smile:

I was getting the Simply Knitting mag here in Canada and they’ve stopped using the supplier!!! Darn! I love the Alan Dart patterns too. I did see some on ebay last evening. Not sure where they were located. I have seen them at my lys to order, from Sirdar. Did you try their site??? samm

Hi DQ, I have just discovered alan dart and I love the patterns. I am happy to pay for any alan dart patterns that you have. Please PM me and hopefully we can sort something out

[B]OOOH… I want that pirate[/B]!

[B][B]But, I want WALLACE AND GROMIT[/B] even more…[/B]

I adore them and found the videos ‘before’ they were well known in the states.

SO, is there anyway… I can have WALLACE AND GROMIT? I’ve already asked SANTA and apparently he doesn’t come to single adult’s homes that don’t have children living in them. :**(

AND, I don’t even have a choice of paying ‘big bucks’ for this knitting magazine since I live in Korea… wah… wah…

I want Wallace and Gromit… sob… sob… sob…