Alabama Knitters

I am down in Troy, a small town with NO knitting shop. I have been to the one in Cahaba Heights in B’ham, but it is quite a drive (3hrs).

I would also like to know what you like to knit during the 10 months of summer we have here, LOL. Now that it is cooling off (80 is the high today) I am getting back in the groove.


Hi Laura!! I’m in the Montgomery area… well I work in Montgomery but live just north of here closer to Prattville. There’s a knit shop in Montgomery on Carter Hill Road that I keep meaning to go and visit and several big craft stores in Montgomery with a ton of stuff. Email me or something and lets talk sometime :slight_smile:


I’m not from Alabama, but I visit there many times a year for Sacred Harp singings… so do I get to be an honorary Alabamian? :shrug:

(Mostly I’m up on Sand Mountain when I’m down there… but sometimes B’ham too, and other places like Huntsville or Cullman or Collinsville…)

P.S. Go find Angelia in the blogs… she’s in Huntsville…

Sure works for me for you to be an honorary Alabamaian lol

I am always in the blogs!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

[size=1]I didn’t think it was that obvious, Karen…:shifty:[/size]

Is anyone in N Alabama or maybe southern Middle Tennessee?

ETA: Laura, during our 10 months of summer, I knit with wool and pretend I’ll be able to wear it someday. You know, that one really cold day we get once every 5 years? I’m knitting for THAT day! :rofl:

Where are you Angelia? I’ll be in Birmingham for two weeks going insane…


I’m in Huntsville, about 1.5 hours north of B’ham. When will you be here?

I don’t know the exact dates yet, and 1 1/2 hours is no big deal to drive-- company rentals always have unlimited mileage and they pay for gas!! When I was in Denver, I drove over 1000 miles in two weeks going to all the amazing yarn stores and national parks. It’s going to be around the 28th and for two weeks after. I should find out in the next couple days. At the least, I’ll have the weekend of Dec 2/3 and I’ll be bored out of my mind! Mind some company for an afternoon?


I don’t mind company at all!! :cheering: :cheering: The 2nd is perfect–it’s a Saturday, and both LYSs will be open (well, hopefully–my favorite was closed yesterday and I’ve no idea why. I’ll email the owner to make sure she’ll be open the 2nd.) The 2nd is also ideal because it’s just before finals, so I’ll have no work related crap getting in the way of a good yarn crawl and knit-together! :happydance:

You’re always welcome to come visit me in Jacksonville, the one in Alabama not Florida. I have a LYS right on the square in the middle of town. I would love to host bunch of the KHer’s.

Hi! I’m a new knitter. I live in Hartselle and work in Huntsville. I’m currently taking a class in Decatur to learn to knit. We’re in week three and knitting a sampler type scarf.

I’m interested in finding a group to meet with and knit.

Anyone know of one in the area?

Pat, I was in Jacksonville last weekend. I probably drove right by you twice. I hate that old square. It always scares me. I went to JSU about fifteen years ago and was agog by all the changes that have been made. I wish I’d spotted your store. I definitely would have dropped in.

Hey Sharon!! You’re very very close to me! Ooooh, and your close to The Knitting Zone!! Have you been there yet? If not, go! Mary is wonderful! (Just call first to make sure she’s open–her busines, since it’s in the boonies, does more mail order than walk-in.)

If you’re ever in the North Huntsville area, let me know! I live between Madison and Harvest.

We are going to be moving to the Huntsville area soon (I am pretty sure, dh works for the federal govn’t so who knows, kwim? lol) was wondering if there was a group there that gets together on a regular basis, or perhaps an lys that holds lessons/ knit nights and the like. Thanks!

I’m going to be in Alabama this weekend!!!


I’m going to visit Ang!!! (I don’t know where she lives though!)

I just checked… still 7 hours from you :pout:

I’m in Huntsville, Hildie…:rofl:

I’m not sure about knitting groups here. I mean I know there are some, but I don’t go to them. Mary at The Knitting Zone can give you some info, though, MamaMer. I know she sometimes participates in one particular group.

Yes, but I can probably manage a 7 hour trip more frequently than a 15 hr trip to ILL…Just can’t do it this weekend. Hmmmm?

How far is Huntsville from Atlanta? Is it a reasonable side trip before coming home? I go to Atlanta for business meeting occasionally.

Dee Dee

I am from Alabama, but Im ashamed to tell you that I am failing at trying to teach myself to knit…

I refuse to give up though :wall: I will keep on keeping on…

its great to see others from Bama here too! :cheering: