Airy scarf from LMKG

Anyone make this scarf with Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud? Any pics? I started one on Saturday but was so frustrated with the the yarn that I gave up. If anyone has a finished pic of one done in Alpaca Cloud, maybe I could motivate myself to try again.


I did one with Alpaca Cloud, but I’m sorry…no picture! I found it a bit awkward bc the yarn was so small & the needles big, then I got into the flow, but I had to start it a couple of times.

Were you happy with the finished scarf? The Alpaca Cloud does not seem as “fluffy” as the mohair/silk blend they used in the pattern. Altough with handling the Alpaca Cloud seems to be developing more of a halo. Wondering if I should try again with the Alpaca, get the mohair/silk or just scrap the idea altogether and save my sanity. It is so pretty in the picture though.


I liked the end result…LOL, I’m afraid that I knit too much and my daughter LOVES it & wears it as a belt! But, it’s very pretty :wink:

I did a scarf similar to this one with Art Yarn mohair on big needles… it was a constant effort to make sure I got each stitch correct. The mohair was so “grabby” I was continually adding stitches. I finally got accustomed to watching each stitch to make sure that only one strand came around on the needle :wink: . It was much more difficult than knitting with worsted or even novelty yarn, but the end result was quite nice and worth the effort. I’m not familiar with the Alpaca Cloud, just thought you might appreciate knowing that the mohair was no picnic either…

I just finished one in alpaca cloud. I am going to block it today. I will try to post pictures when it is finished blocking.

:cheering: :cheering: Can’t wait to see the photos :cheering: :cheering: