Airport Knitters

Hi everyone!

So at 6 am this morning :shock: I was at Oakland International Airport to drop my son off for his visit to his father in Kentucky. Besides the fact that we were there at that ungodly hour, (and you wouldn’t BELIEVE the lines, ladies!), I saw at least 2 other knitters.

What was cool is that of the three of us (I ended up whipping out my socks and working on them quite a bit), I was the oldest!!! At 32! So much for little ol’ ladies knitting! One of the girls was a total punk rocker, which was so cool! Black dyed hair, piercings, the whole bit, knitting on some oversized needles. And my son pointed out the other girl who was knitting while waiting to board the plane.

By the way, they let me through security with my Addi Turbos. Granted, they were a size 2, but they were metal, so it either slipped through or they’ve chilled out a bit. And usually, because I wear a scarf on my head and my son wears a yarmulke and tzitzis, we get a little closer scrutiny. So I worried about the needles getting through. But no worries.

It was so nice to keep my hands busy while I waited for his plane to take off …


That is really nice! I haven’t taken mine out in public yet. I’m retired though and the kids are grown so for the most part I don’t go far anyway. LOL I am going on vacation in January and plan on taking it with me. Keeping fingers crossed that it won’t be a problem.

Jan! LOL I was reading your comments and skimmed your signature, when I read “photography” under hobbies, I thought it said pornogrophy, <giggle> and I thought, “Wow shes a bold lady to put that in her sig line.”

I need all the laughs I can get these days!

Candace, who should really just go knit something.

The TSA says you can take knitting needles on planes…they dont specify any kind that you cannot take.

Allison…what are tzitzis??

Yeah KK, I am interested to know too! I like to learn cool things!
:?? :smiley:

I took my girls to an indoor play area we have here. I sat on the bench and knitted while they played. I had a little boy maybe 5-7ish come up to me and ask “Whatcha doin?”

Then a little while later I had a guy with his three kiddos come and sit at the bench close by. I heard the little one talking about “her” and I heard dad say “I think she is knitting a scarf” so I looked up and they were talking about me. LOL I laughed and said “Thats right! Its for my daughter who is running around here somewhere!”

I haven’t really “been” anywhere else where I had time to sit and knit. But if I anticipated a wait it was in my purse… just never came out.

Yeah KK, I am interested to know too! I like to learn cool things!
:?? :D[/quote]

I’m not KK but I can answer…

In the Torah, there is a commandment to wear “fringes” on the corners of garments. That is, all garments of a certain size or larger, which have at least four corners, must have strings known as tzitzit attached. The original requirement was to have a blue thread among the white threads; however, since the precise shade of blue is no longer known and the source of the dye used, only the white threads are used (except among certain chasidic groups that claim to know the dye formula).

Since the normal clothing in our time does not have four square corners, traditional Jews wear a garment that is specifically made to have four corners so that the mitzvah can be fulfilled. This is known as the tallit katan or tzitzit and is usually worn under the shirt. Some people wear them with the tzitzit showing, others conceal them.


OH! Thanks! I thought those were prayer shawls… LOVE LEARNING about cultural stuff! I think it stems from my feeling of having no ethicity…

I have found that I seem to stay home more since I started knitting. That means I don’t shop as much, I guess, but I order more yarn, so I don’t save anything that way. But when I go to the doctor’s office, I aways have my sock-knitting stuff with me. When we go over to visit friends, I always take my knitting bag. When I packed to come to Alabama for 2 weeks a week ago, the only thing I could think of was–do I have all the knitting stuff I need??? I had to stick a couple of books, my Boyes, my dps–and most all the sock yarn I have, enough worsted for several scarves, and all the little knickknack thingies like stitch markers and holders. Why, I don’t know–my grandson is only 16 months old and I only see him every 3 months. When did I think I was going to knit anyway?? :inlove: :inlove: The only time I’ve knitted is when he’s sleeping, and on the drive down here!!

How am I ever going to leave him this time, now that he really KNOWS his Pop and MiMi now??? What am I gonna do without seeing that million dollar smile everyday?? :crying:

The prayer shawl is called a tallis. And my little guy looks so adorable in his tzitzis!!! Throw in the black velvet yarmulke, and it’s quite a sight for sore eyes. When we are in public, particularly because at this time, we’re not in a densely Jewish neighborhood, we get stared at a TON.

I don’t mind the looks so much, I guess, though I sometimes wonder what is going through peoples’ minds. Half the time, I think they probably think I’m Amish (don’t laugh, it’s happened!) and the other half, they probably think I’m Muslim or something. When they see David, it’s a little clearer that we’re Jewish. And when my husband is with us, it’s undeniable, since he has a long, thick beard. Looks very rabbinic. Gets called Rabbi a lot, too, which is amusing …

It’s so funny - I hate flying, in part because I’m always worried about terrorists. And yet I think that my family makes people nervous, simply because we look so different! I always try and put people at ease, since I’m the one that looks odd. I used to be so relieved when I would see a priest or rabbi or nun walk onto a plane. I would say things to myself like, “Hey, God won’t crash this plane, 'cause there’s a man/woman of God on it!” Now, since our family looks so obviously religious, I wonder if they think that of us! 'Cause I’m here to tell ya that just because you believe in God, doesn’t mean you are that much more holy than everyone else! :slight_smile:

Knitting in public helps - perhaps they figure that I’m ok, since most terrorists don’t knit! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:


:roflhard: Maybe “Dubbya” should try to bring KNITTING to the middle east! :roflhard:

:roflhard: First one would have to convince George that knitting is a good thing. Maybe we could disguise it as a new torture device. I mean I feel tortured when I see wool I can’t afford.

Perhaps if we give Saddam Hussein some knitting needles, it will do him some good as he’s trying to think of a way to justify his pathetic little existence.

He can knit all the prison guards socks! And frankly, a jaunty little scarf might help his ensemble when he shows up for court!