Airplane Knitting?

I’m not sure if this is the forum for my question…however, what i wanted to know is if anyone knows the current rules (since they seem to change daily! :wall: ) on bringing knitting needles on an airplane? The last i remember, I could bring “wooden” ones on but not metal? Does anyone know? I have a trip coming up but before i buy new ones specifically to bring on the plane i wanted to get the “right” ones. Thank you!! :wink:


I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this. Some say they have been told no not at all, no needles at all. Some have said that they brought metal ones without a problem.

I would call the airline and the airports and ask and then still bring them in a bag that you can check and get there early enough to go back and check it so you don’t loose your work or needles.

Sorry I couldn’t give you more of an answer. :neutral:

Enjoy your trip! :woot:

I went on the TSA (Travel Security Administration) website and it has a list of things, and if those things can be carried on/checked. They said:

Knitting and Crochet Needles YES YES

But they didn’t specify which kind? Well, i’ll take your tip about going early in case i have to check my knitting. But i will be sad if i have to, that’s valuable time that will be wasted! :pout:

We’ll see what happens…I’ll be sure to let you all know when i get back (October 7) what they said.

If anyone else has any clue or has flown with knitting lately, please let me know!! Thanks!! :heart:

Just flew tuesday- absolutely no problem with my needles. I actually had some metal tapestry needles for sewing the edge of a sweater- didn’t even get any problem about that. Just NO liquids or gels whatsoever.
That means if you buy a soda in the airport, you have to get rid of it before you get on the plane. Kinda annoying, really.

I would think knitting needles are more dangerous than pepsi…

-Laura (currently in Denver after a LONG but knitting productive trip) :slight_smile:

I wish I could say I have a lot of faith in the TSA. But I do not. My mom and I travelled in August. They confiscated her lighter. When we arrived at our destination I pulled lighter that I had inadvertently left in my purse out. She was livid! Some airports take them, some don’t. Some only see half the lighters out there. YIKES!

My knitting stuff, however, flew through with no problem. I think circs are probably your best option. I had plastic and metal with me. They even let me have my scissors.

They’ve been good about keeping the page updated whenever there is a change in the security level…I travel pretty often so I just check here before I go:

I flew two weeks ago. I had two different types of needles (for my two different projects). Denise Circular and some slmost two foot long metal 10 1/2 needles. I also had some little sissors (the blade less than two inches) and there was no problem.

I flew from Sacramento to LA, from LA to Maimi, from Maimi to Jamacia, from Jamica to Dallas, from Dallas to LA, from LA to Sacramento. Then from Sacramento to San Diego, then back again.

Of course from Sac to San Diego I also go onto the plane with 4 lighters, liquid soap, liquid lipstick ( 3 different colors), a travel sized mouth wash…not on puropose I just wasn’t paying attention.

But getting back to the needles. I called my airlines and asked them, and there was no problem. The closest I came to a problem was when the 15 year old national guard kid (who I think was still wearing diapers) asked me if I had anything sharp in my purse I said “no”. He searched my purse and nothing sharp, then he searched my knitting bag and said “uhhh, ma’am, these are sharp” “Is that crochet?” His little partner told him that if he thought “KNIITING NEEDLES” are sharp he’s dumber than she thought, then they commenced flirting and not paying attention to me or my stuff.

I fly a decent amount and I’ve never had a problem with needles or crochet hooks. My DH is a pilot and he says they are okay, just no liquid items!

Thanks ALL for the advice!! :muah:

I went to my LYS over lunch break and purchased what i thought would be the safest bet, bamboo circs (plus i just like them anyway). As i was chatting with the lady who worked there (fellow knitter), she said she knows of ONE guy at our local airport (Kansas City, MO) who will give you a hard time, but the rest will let you go through. My guess is that this ONE guy has never had anyone knit anything for him and doesn’t know the joys of knitting. Perhaps he should be informed!

Thanks again, i’ll let you know how it goes! I’m looking forward to getting a good bit done on my big bad baby blanket (from S&B). :heart:

I think there are more problems with international flights than domestic US flights. FWIW, I’ve flown on Southwest and Air Tran with Denise circulars and gone through security at Newark, Midway, Nashville and Birmingham and never had any trouble with them.

(Did hear someone griping on her cellphone that she “tried to sneak mascara through” and it was taken away. Uh… duh… she was upset that trying to sneak something through didn’t work??)

[size=6]I just came backfrom Florida (to NY), 5 days ago, and they wanted to take my metal needles/knitting and stow it (not allowed on plane). since I had expensive yarn, I got pretty pathetic .

The pilot kept in in the cockpit. When I de-plained I asked if he like what I was working on. if I was “available” I coulda had a date. :muah:
Why did I get stopped?

There were 2 other women who also got stopped by the knit-picking security folk. [/size][color=violet][/color]

I often fly to England from Spain and the last time I asked about knitting needles and crochet needles they said neither of them are allowed as they are considered a weapon.

Equally a friend of mine does the same route and she has never had her knitting taken off her but gthen she never asks and I have never tried.
Maybe I will ask again before I go home at Christmas.

I think it very much depends on the airline you fly with, and the airpot you fly to/from. I think most airlines have their own rules, most say yes, however I never take knitting needles on any aircraft, just in case.

LOL@ knit-[icking

my kids knit with pencils on the way home from FL a month ago. I don’t know if my ex was being precautious, or if the knit-picking security made them stay behind.

My kids knit with pencils on the way home from FL a month ago.

:lol: Children have such fantastic imagination to get around a problem. How old are they?

I took old plastic Denise-type needles on the plane from Chicago to Portland and back the week after Labor Day and no one gave me a hassle.

They are 8 and 10. Their step mom taught them how to knit. I have always wanted to learn because my grandmother used to knit me things when I was younger. Sadly, I never had her teach me before she died, so they motivated me to learn on my own. They taught me a few things in the beginning too. Now 2 weeks after I began, I am teaching them to cast on faster and to purl. Funny how things work.