Airline Help!

Okay, I am totally out of the loop. I have not flown since 2003 and I did not bring my knitting then. I am flying out Newark, NJ in two weeks. I saw that according the TSA website, that I can bring my needles with me now. I am just nervous about arriving at the airport at 6AM and them saying no needles. I am just going away for the weekend and really do not want to bring a self addressed padded envelope to mail my projects home. I am going to be on planes and in airports for about 16 hours, so I really want to bring my knitting. I am working on a lace prayer shawl for my SIL’s wedding.

Anyone know if I really can bring my needles? What would you do? HELP me please. :heart:


Call the airline specifically and ask them their policy. Also, print out the information on the TSA website, so if you get hassled at security, you can show them that it’s on the approved list.

Honestly, I have no idea since I don’t fly…lol…But, you could try calling the airports to find out definitely what their policies are, and, if their info is online, maybe print out the page that reads needles are ok to bring so you can have proof if someone tries to say they are not.

I asked a couple of knitters (rmturtle and my coworker) what needles they maanged to carry on, and they both said they got through security with wood needles just fine. I’m flying on the 23rd and am hoping my KP Harmony DPNs are allowed! Crossed Fingers

edit: p.s. I too have not flown since 2003 and at that time I was not a knitter yet.

I’ve flown with my KP Options metal needles and have never had trouble. I’m flying out on Friday and plan on bringing my KP dpns. I’ve never had problems.
But I definitely agree with printing it out just in case. I printed it out and highlighted the parts that said knitting needles and safety scissors, but never had to use it. :slight_smile: They got through just fine.

I just flew a few weeks ago and didn’t have a problem. I went to the TSA web site and printed the information just in case. I don’t think that you should have a problem unless the level of security in increased.

I flew last month and took my knitting with me. No problems, and it was a good thing too since I was stuck at the airport overnight because my flight was canceled. :help:

I just got back from Vegas 2 days ago, and I brought my knitting with me, no problems. I didn’t bring my good KP Options needles, just in case, I brought cheapo metal needles from Joann’s, but no one said anything coming or going.

I always fly Southwest and I have never had a problem. I have flown about 15 times since 9/11 and the last time being at Christmas 2007 and brought my needles, straight and circular without incidence.
Just go the airlines website and print out the rules like everyone else is saying.
Take your work and have lots of fun!!:knitting:


I also flew with my needles - circulars - and I had no problem. But like everyone said, bring a print out of the TSA website in case of any problems.

I’m going to be flying to Austria this summer; do you think I’d be able to take my needles on an international flight? What about the trip back?

I do know of someone on an international flight that had their needles confiscated. In this case I would contact the airline you’ll be flying both ways and ask them. Even then, it is somewhat dependent on the airport and the security people, but it should help.

I have flown many times in the past few years and on many different airlines and have had no problem with bringing my knitting. I do only bring blunt pointed scissors tho since there seems to me more of a concern with sharp ones. Happy flying and happy knitting! Becky

I also recently flew with my knitting needles, size 2 addi turbos. No one even asked me to tak them out of the bag. No trouble at all through security in boston or orlando.

That’s a good idea. Have the proof in your hand, in case they challenged you.
I’m SURE it’s ok to bring knitting needles, or, kniddles, if you say it fast.

According to this website knitting needles are not allowed in the restricted area of an Irish airport or on board any aircraft leaving an EU airport.

You should call them for sure. My friend just flew from Canada to the Bahama’s and she called ahead and brought metal needles with her no problem. But the rules change so much you should call ahead for sure. It’ll make you feel better.
Have a nice trip!

It seriously depends on the screener. I have not had any problems bringing needles. I do bring a small padded (self addressed and stamped) envelope just in case. They would only confiscate your needles, not your project. Put in a lifeline to hold your place and stitches.

Instead of scissors I bring a dental floss container to use the cutter.


I just flew from LaGuardia to Atlanta last week. Had no problem in either airport. Had my knitpicks options with me and no one questioned it.

I flew to Amsterdam from JFK and back from Rome a few months ago and had no problem on that trip as well.

I’m flying on Southwest tomorrow. I’ve flown previously last year on Southwest with my Options Circular, as well as wooden needles. Tomorrow I’m going to just attempt regular needles…I’ll have the covers on the ends, and such. But I’ve NEVER had a problem. Chicago Midway, LAX, Orange County, no problems with any of the airports.