I got the Fall Interweave mag today! Lots of good stuff in it! Lots of ugly stuff too :teehee: I wanna make that corset-style sweater, but with my 3 baby belly I’m not sure I should, might scare the birds away.

I got mine in the mail yesterday. It’s the first one I have ever seen (free trial) and I LOVE it!!! There’s quite a few things that I think I’d like to make. :cheering:

I haven’t had a chance to see the magazine yet - but I really like the “Give me a Handbag” article/pattern out of it that they posted on their site

Is it just me or does the pattern on the Northern lights jacket ( )look like a big menacing face when it’s zipped? :oo:

It looks warm and cozy otherwise… but I can’t get over that face!


It does to me too! Completely annoying.

Now, I’ve seen that cover before and never noticed the face on the jacket…now when I look at it I can [size=6]ONLY[/size] see the mean face. I do succomb to peer pressure.

Well, it didn’t until you mentioned it. :roflhard:

:teehee: It took me a minute to realise the face you guys are talking about is ON THE SWEATER and not on the MODEL! She doesn’t look too friendly either! :shock:

TOTALLY looks like a wicked jack o’lantern face!!! :rofl:

OOOOHH!! Scareeeeeeeeee!! DO you think the designer MEANT to scare us all to death!?? :shock:

I wonder if the designer even noticed? Or what she thought when she saw it printed in the magazine… “Oh no! What have I DONE?!”

Well, I USED to like that jacket! :rofl: :rofl:

I just got my Fall issue mainly because of this thread! I got fired to resubscribe after reading about it here, hadn’t realized I let my subscription go. I’m a bit disappointed (why do they keep using only those 2 models?)
and not sure if there’s anything I really want to make.

The thing that bothers me is the darn copy arrives all crumpled and bashed up.  They sent me a replacement once but I hate to go through this.    

Vogue puts theirs in a plastic bag. grrrrrr

Does anyone know that model’s name? She looks EXACTLY like a friend of mine from college.

And yes, the face on the jacket is creepy!

I can’t stand that red-headed model… actually, it isn’t SHE it’s the hideous stuff they put on her. I’ve never liked anything she’s modeled.

I luurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve the Equinox Yoke Sweateron the cover sweater though!!!

Me too!

OH my god Hildy that’s so weird. Every time my DH sees her he goes “oh NOOO NOT THAT RED HEADED MODEL AGAIN!” She REALLY bothers him. ?
Now with me it’s the other one, I actually cut her face out on the front of the cover and have a square hole there. Maybe these were like teachers who tortured us when we were little or something…l