Aidez (Berroco) BACK decrease question

Pattern says: Work even in pat as established until piece measure 5" from beg, end on WS. Dec 1 st each side of next row, then 6 1/2" twice more. Work even until piece measures 18" from beg, end on WS. My math says I am decreasing at 5", 11 1/2 " and 18". How can I work even until piece measure 18" from beginning if I am already at 18" at last decrease? Or am I misinterpreting the pattern. Should I perhaps dec at 5", at 6 1/2" and at 13"? Thanks.

It’s a little hard to tell from the photo but I’d say that your interpretation is correct. It’s a gradual decrease up the side of the sweater, with the final dec at 18". I’d be tempted to cheat a bit here and move the final dec to maybe 17.5", just to get it away from the start of the raglan shaping.

Thanks so much for your interpretation. Gives me confidence to continue.