Ahh--done! Pants, sweater, purse (almost!)

The sweater is from Knit.1 Fall 2007, the pants are a Bernat pattern and the purse is just a rectangle with a button flap, straps to be added today. I haven’t blocked anything yet, will do that today too. I’m so relieved to have these done. Now maybe a soap sweater…or 3!

Very sweet. I love the colours :slight_smile:

Everything looks great. I especially love the little hoodie.

Very nice. I think the pants are cute.

The hoodie looks so comfy, and I love the little pants!

:happydance: To cute!! Everything looks wonderful!

You’ve been busy. The little hoodie is especially cute.

They’re all great!
I especially love the sweater with the little tiny hood.

That little hoodie is adorable. Is it for the little one in your avatar?

Adorable stuff!

actually, it looks like a tiny sweater, but it’s for an almost 16 y/o. I think the scale of the other pix make it look small…it’s a small size for a 34 inch bust I believe. It’s really thick and chunky. Thanks!

Very nice!