"aha" moments

As a new knitter, I’m really enjoying the “aha” moments while learning new things.

For example, I really thought that seaming up a sweater from the outside was a dumb idea until I followed the directions for the mattress stitch, pulled it tight, and voila, invisible seam. AHA!

And just last night, while working on my first sock. I turned the heel AHA!and started shaping the gusset. AHA!

My husband doesn’t get it, so I just had to come here. :muah:

:teehee: Ya gotta love those moments! Iv’e been knitting for a year and still have them!

Me too! :teehee:

I can totally relate to the ,“AHA” moments. One of the members has a list of knitting tasks to accomplish, and I might copy her idea. These last few months have been a blast learning how to knit more than garter & stockinette stitch.

:figureditout: Love those moments!!! Good for you!

Sounds VERY familiar!!!

I knitted a cable cardigan with a hood from Aran wool over the summer and realised I coudn’t get away with my usual back stitch for the seams on this one - my little grand daughter would look as if she had mountain ridges going up her arms and down the sides.

I looked up mattress stitch, - tried it, got it right (somehow) and saw what a neat flat line it made. Yahoo!


Great feeling!

All the Best


I was having a problem with my ribbing. I searched hi-low to find the answer, which is actually how I found this site. There was a thread here (wish I could give the person credit) recommending that you use your index finger to hold down a loop.

Just like that! Voila! My ribbing was instantly cured.

Four years and counting. Still have the ‘AHAs’!

Another good use for ‘mattress stitch’: when seaming a hat/cap that will be worn “turned up”…seam the RIGHT SIDE as usual…but when you come to the section of the “brim” that will be turned up when worn…simply bring your yarn to the “inside”…turn the cap inside out, and seam (mattress stitch) it as you did on the hat’s true RIGHT SIDE.

How easy to create a RIGHT SIDE on the WRONG SIDE! But “right for the wearing”!!!

My last AHA was this summer, when I made my first pair of socks. I really loved to see how it worked. I haven’t been doing anything new lately, so no AHA’s yet. Hope the sock swap will create some :teehee:

Aren’t those moments the best?

My latest AHA moment must have been when I made my first sock. It was so much fun!