Thank you soo much… now I am stuck again…

the patt reads…

wk 1-20 charts A and C once more at same time working rows 21-40 chart B
cont wking in this way ( charts A and C wked twice for each rep of shart B) until piece meures appox 54 in, etc ect.

my question is so I for get about the B chart tell I am done 1-20 start B when I get to 21.?
I am not that great reading patt.

THank you again Jenifer

You don’t just skip the first 20 rows of chart B, you just start it on a different row. My thought would be that you work Chart B from 21-40 while you’re working Charts A and C for rows 1-20 two times

Work Charts A and C from rows 1 to 20 and repeat 1-20
and at the same time you work Cart B from 21-40 and then 1-20

Thank you I think I got it. wow what a hard thing for me too understand… when really it is not that hard