AGAIN--Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole Help-- AGAIN

I have made the first row of Base triangles and I have made Tier 1 triangle…

I have picked up 8 st… Now my questions.

Row 1- pick up 8 Purl… (done this) Sl last st picked up to left needle and p2tog… do I sl the last 8th st that I just put on my needle or do I pick up a new st making 9? But then I p2tog which would make it 8 again/

row 2–K8 turn… got that

row 3–sl 1, p6, p2tog, turn… (counting that would be 9 st)

Does sl mean slip one?

Row 4-15 want me to repeat rows 2 and 3… Won’t I run out of st if I am not added any?

I have looked for a correction on the book. Found a place but this pattern is ok… and I Have looked at some How to do Entrelac but have not found any help there either…

Yes, slip the last st that you picked up over to the other needle and purl with the 1st st on the left needle that’s from the other base triangle. Then the next purl row, slip the first st, p6, and purl the next st with a stitch that’s from the other triangle. That way you’re joining them together. You won’t run out of sts because you’re taking them off the next triangle. The `dec’ sts really aren’t decs, they’re what joins the blocks/triangles together. Don’t overthink it, just do each row as written and it’ll turn out right.

Oh, Lady E is GORGEOUS! Lonnie gave me a bunch of Noro Silk for Lady E & accessories for our anniversary (last year!)…one day, one day! I can’t wait to start her!
Oh my, what yarn are you using?! Can’t wait to see!!!

Suzeeq… Thanks SOOO much… that make ssence to me know.

the yarn I am useing is my MMMMMMMMM…

Entrelac was the KH monthly challenge back in March. I was amazed to see so many people trying something new! If you get stuck again, there’s LOTS of tips in that thread, and a lot of people were knitting lady E.

good luck!

I love the way this knit up… just wish I understand it.

I am on the Tier 2 rectangles Row 1

I have pick up 7 stitches because you have on already on the needle from the last triangle. But then it want me to
[SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]Sl last st picked up to left needle and ssk[/COLOR][/SIZE],
Then row 2-- purl 8

I have only 7 st on my needle after I do row 1. Do I not count the extra st even thought it tell me to.

You ssk that last stitch with the first stitch that’s already on the left needle. This way you still have 8 to purl back. Each time you knit, you’ll eat up one of the stitches from the next block. This connects them.