Again, don't watch a film and knit

A whole days knitting down the tube because i lost the plot at some point tonight and made a bit of a hash of a lacey pattern…

OK, i’ll rephrase that - don’t watch an interesting film and knit!


Haha, yes, stick to something like garter stitch for those intense movies. I learned this well during Lost when they had subtitles! It’s hard to watch, read AND knit. Hope you can fix your lace knitting.

Well Knitgal… i think i’ve resigned it to the frog it in the morning section…

i tried to take it back a couple of rows, but couldn’t quite figure where it’d gone wrong… so, i’ll has another look in the morning…

roll on the morning!

Yeah, I can’t watch Heroes and knit. It’s not so much the subtitles but that it’s such a Visual show you miss a lot if you don’t have your eyes glued to the screen. Buffy and Supernatural are that way a little, but I’m just watching them to fill in time when nothing else is on so I don’t mind missing a little.

I was gonna say that I not only knit whilst watching movies but I knit whilst AT the movies… but knitting LACE whilst watching movies? well no… i am not THAT crazy…lol. Stockinette Entrelac is as hard as it gets for me. :wink:

Lol… it was one of those moments where i only had two or so rows left to do to finish off the repeat, and I thought i’d just do it… and concentrate…

It didn’t work… and i messed up undoing it, so i’m going to redo it.

Heroes - completely agree, do not do anything other than glue your eyes to the screen!!!

So what was the video in question?


Ashamed to admit it, but it was Conan the Barbarian…


One of those films that I’ve never actually managed to watch the whole way through whenever it’s been on the telly, and I found it on special offer at Tesco yesterday…

Right… better get on with :knitting::knitting::knitting:

Said item is a lacy matinee jacket and baby is due in 2-3 weeks time… I just hope my sister is as laid back at producing this one as she was her first!!!

I’ve got to admitt, I knit at the movies as well. I have a varity of things on the needles, so I have UniKnits (usally family presents), HomeKnits (Larger, less motivated projects), TravelKnits (Smaller items), and MovieKnits, which are generlly garter-stitch thinkless projects and can be churned out with out looking and without light (These projects are also good to have handy during Earth hour)

I always have several different projects going at the same time. If I’m watching something I’ve seen before (Harry Potter Movies, CSI reruns, etc) I can work on something that needs a bit more attention. If it is something new, it has to be an easy project with simple easy-to-remember repeats.

I’m sorry to hear about the lace. That’s what made me order the dpn options set from Kp last week. I have Pomatomus socks on my size 2 and a lace scarf on circulars and I love to read this site and Yarn Harlot while I knit and the other sock I need to do to make a pair is also worked on size 2 dpn so I can’t get going on that until I get back up needles. That sock is just basic stockinette so I don’t have to look at it too often while I work, but these other 2 I have to keep tinking back because I lost track while reading.

I can’t knit and watch tv unless it’s something really simple like straight knitting. Even then, I sometimes get YO’s.:aww:

Good luck on fixing your lace.

Well… there you go - what a weekend. But I’ve now caught up with the mistake, and redone it. Because it was lace had a whole heap of problems picking up the stitches again, so lost my temper and frogged the whole thing… and then learnt about lifelines!!


Oh well, we live and learn… live and learn!

Yeah, I was going to say: I’d be crazy enough to try it, but I’d use a lifeline! :hug:

I was was thinking on Silver’s “Emergency Knitting” thread that my greatest need for emergency projects is for for simple knitting to keep on hand for movies! If I don’t have such a project going, and I just want to sit and knit to a movie, I end up abandoning the whole idea, even the movie, because I find it truly tortuous to watch a movie w/o my knitting!

Isn’t it wonderful to get to the yarn that you had to frog back to? I always heave a heavy sigh of relief! :woot:

I’ve got one sleeve left to do, before I join them to do the yoke… and I’ve started this last sleeve now 3 times! I feel the phrase “more haste less speed” is appropriate!

I have got a basketweave blanket that I could be doing as “mindless” knitting, but I am starting to panic (!don’t panic!!) about getting this jacket done before baby arrives!

Lol… not as panicked as the mum to be of the baby… as there’s still a fair bit of work she (and partner) needs to do to get the baby room ready!!

I think lifelines every two lines might be in order!! Lol!