AFTHOUGHT pocket: I can't do EZ's, why not just sew one on?

HI! Well, I’ve read EZ’s afterthought pocket a few times and I just cannot cut into my beautiful vest I finally finished like she says to do.
(cut two stiches and unravel and pick up those stitches…)

I won’t do it! Has anyone? I’m knitting a seperate pocket right now, I figure I can just sew it on. Doesn’t that sound ok?
What do you do if you want a pocket after finishing?

Sure, but then you’ll have a patch pocket on top of the sweater fabric, not the kind that’s inside the sweater. It’s a totally different look. Pin the pockets in place before you sew them on: if you’re not careful about the placement they can look, um, strange.

tHANKS Knitasha… I haven’t done any pockets before, I didn’t think of that. Hm. Ok.

I tried doing the afterthought pocket on a sample swatch and could never do it, even though I watched someone else do it with ease. You may want to practice on scrap yarn first, otherwise you can try another method.

I’ve done ‘afterthought’ and they’re not as difficult as feared. I’ve also done many patch pockets. Some helpful info on patch pocketshere.