Afterthought thumb

Does anyone have any suggestions to picking up stitches to close the holes while knitting an afterthought thumb. I have been on a knitting mitten mission lately, but I struggle with that dang thumb! Everything works well for me, except closing those holes…any suggestions on that end would be greatly apppreciated.

I’ve been using this method except I used DPNs.

I then pick up some extra stitches as I’m knitting around. I use the tails of the yarn to close up any little holes I wasn’t able to work before.

That’s a great Idea! I use this method to pick up the stitches from the waste yarn-which has helped me a lot-thought I would pass it on.

thank you

Uh…that’s the one I just posted. :teehee:

Thanks so much for this link! I’m starting a second fingerless mitten and when I did the first one, I found the thumb section a tad hard – the hardest part was trying to pick up the stitches in the hole – the posted method looks much easier!

That is loaded with awesomeness.