Afterthought Heel Technique Question

Hello, Knitters,

I have a technique question on an afterthought heel. The pattern reads:

Place Afterthought Heel Stitches on Hold: Knit first 39 (42, 45)
sts of the round. Using contrasting scrap yarn, knit 26 (28, 30)
sts, slipping marker at 13th (14th, 15th) st. The scrap yarn stitches
will extend halfway around the sock, the beg of rnd stitch marker
will be centered in the scrap yarn stitches, which will be used
to create the heel. Drop scrap yarn. Resume knitting with MC,
working across scrap yarn sts in MC until you reach the end of the

I am thinking that means to drop the main color, then knit with the scrap yarn, then go back and pick up the main color and re-knit the scrap yarn stitches. Does that make sense?

Otherwise, how will the main color bridge the gap between the scrap yarn stitches and the next row? If I carry it along behind, won’t I have a dangly bit of yarn once I pull out the scrap yarn to knit the heel?

I’ve been rereading lots of technique on afterthought heels, but can’t find an answer to this very basic question.


You have it exactly right. Knit over the scrap yarn with the main yarn. Here’s a video that shows the process.

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Thanks, salmonmac! I thought I might be missing something. It kind of occurred to me as I was typing my post, but seeing it makes a world of difference.