.....after the first row if knitting

yeah…so i was watching the how to videos…and i made it through casting on…then i went to knitting and the first row went very well up until the end. On the last knit when i transfer the yarn over to the other needle…and i can’t tighten the yarn that was wrapped around the beginning needle…so not really sure what to do

Just start knitting your next row and it will tighten as you go! :slight_smile:

Keep on knitting even if you don’t think it looks right. After a couple inches the stitches will look a lot better.

Yes, when you get to the end of your row, you’ll find that you’ve knitted all your stitches onto your right-hand needle. Your left-hand needle is bare-naked empty.

Put your naked needle in your right hand. And your stitches-holding needle in your left hand. Now insert the right-hand needle to knit as usual, holding the yarn behind your work.

And off you go to the races.

Sure, it’ll look a wee tad funny at first. Nodda problem. It’s the technique, the knitting action that matters here. Get that new stitch through that old stitch and onto that right-hand needle.

Cover that bare-naked needle up with stitches! :knitting:

No, you can’t tighten that last stitch from the previous row. You can tighten them up when you are doing them, but not later, unless you slip the stitch instead of knit it. If you are really worried, you can tighten up the wool used in the previous row with a small needle or tapestry needle.

However, pulling the yarn a bit on the first st of the next row can tighten up the last st from the previous row a little bit.