After-school knitting club is a go!

A few weeks ago, several of you kindly offered me some advice about projects, etc. for an after-school knitting club.
My admin said I could give it a try, but was incredulous as to whether students would actually sign up for such a thing. He said if I didn’t get at least 10 students, I’d have to switch and do a club that would get more participants…
I ended up with 23 club members…and a whole pile of applicants that have been “wait-listed”. I keep hearing around the halls at school, “my daughter is really hoping that she gets in knitting club this year”!
Just wanted to share my excitement!

Very cool…for you and the kids!!!

That is awesome! Be sure to keep us posted!

wonderful that you are going to have the knitting classes after school. Isn’t it wonderful to hear people talking about your classes like that. Good luck and happy knitting.

Thanks, everyone! I know the girls (happily, only girls joined… I thought it would be hard to find easy projects that 8-13 year old boys would be into!) are excited… one girl already showed up at my room and asked “I think this is where knitting club is…am I early or something?” I had to tell her that she was about 2 weeks early!

That is wonderful!

I have to say… when ‘older’ people find out I knit, they’ll often say something like,

“Oh, how nice, but it’s a dying craft you know!”

When ‘younger’ people find out it is much more of an enthusiastic and positive response. I can’t say there is one typical response but they think it is pretty great!

[for the purposes of this post, older is defined as my mother’s age, and younger is defined as … younger than I!]

A after-school knitting club is a cool idea! Its very intresting to see how many people are actually intrested.

I think if boys were brave enough to join at this age you could have them make little blankets The Snuggles Projector something like that. :shrug:

That’s awesome!!! I’m starting a knitting club at school this Thursday too. My club will be a “before school program” and I was afraid that I was not going to get so many students because it’s a 7:30 AM. I was thinking about starting with 10 students since it will be my first time teaching knitting to a group. But there were so many students interested and so many parents upset because their kids didn’t get in that I ended up with 17 students and like 20 on a waiting list.
I’m really excited and the kids are so enthusiastic about it that it’s unbelievable.

Have you done this before? It’s my first time so any advice would be greatly appreciate it.


lestrella, your before-school club sounds great, too! I’ve not taught a group to knit before, but hopefully all will go alright! We’ll have to share our success stories (and our not-so-success stories!)

And, Jan… I’d never heard of the Snuggles Project before…but now I’m bookmarking it!

I’ve been thinking of doing this after school for high school kids, but there are so many other activities after school. Before school is a great idea. Are you all working on the same project, or everyone on something of their choice?

:happydance: That is wonderful!!! :happydance:

I wish I had the opportunity to learn to knit when I was in school, but better late than never! The students are so lucky to have you to teach them.