After I bind off, what do I do with the yarn?

I finished my first project today - yay!

I watched the video on binding off, and did that.

Now I’m left with that last loop on my needle and not sure what to do with it?

Can anyone clarify for me?

I’m so happy to have finished this project! :cheering: I had to frog it a FEW times due to too many or not enough stitches. :shock:

cut it leaving a tail, pull the tail through the loop, tighten, weave in end, cut the left overs, done! :thumbsup:

[size=6][color=orange] :balloons: CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING YOUR FIRST PROJECT!!! :balloons: [/color][/size]


Is there, like, a video of that somewhere that you know of?

nope…i have a scarf that sat unfinished for weeks because i couldn’t figure this out or find a video to show it…that was before i came here and someone explained it to me.

ooooh i haven’t watched this one in a while but maybe the video of Amy doing a small project? that might have the finished bind off on it. It is a pretty long video so it will take a while to load but it is really well worth watching. i got a bunch of good tips from watching that video. I am almost positive the last loop is in that one. (but by almost i mean about 85% :wink: )

You’ve got one loop left, right? Cut your yarn and pull it through that loop all the way and tug it tightly. Done.

Weave in your end. In this case, probably sewing it into the bound off edge would be best since the cloth is two sided.