After holiday stash

Any suggestions for what to do with all these scraps of various sizes left over from holiday projects. I am probably totally over hats and scarfs at this point…heh… I’ve wandered through probably 99% of and haven’t found anything to hit my eye for small projects or many color scrap projects. (Other than shawls that would probably bore me to tears) And I can do DPNs but really try to avoid them.
Although I did find a last minute gift idea of a coffee mug cozie which I made yes a project finished in less than a day! (ok it was about an hour), and I really like the cozies, but where most of my mugs handles come up to ,you end up with lint in your mouth because they rest at the top of the handle to hold them on! lol But a mug with a sweater on is Oh so cute.
So back to my original question… Any suggestions/links for ideas?


If it’s wool you could make felted coasters. I made some and like them a lot!

Here’s a book called Oddball Knitting that’s on my wishlist, too.

Cute for kids, and not done on DPNs! I’m sure you could “invent” your own other animals too.

I know I had seen somewhere (and hopefully have bookmarked) a page that had projects for short segments of yarn…I’ll have to do some looking though!

I have never done entrelac … but it looks like you could make the rectangles from different yarns and colors.

Dishcloths or little tie up purses for kids.

Wrist warmers or little money pouches :smiley: