After Cast-On

I’m very, very new to knitting and I’m not sure what to do after I cast-on. Can anyone help me? I have viewed the videos and all but I am left handed and I get confused. What is the best method for me?

after the cast on –

you hold the needle with the stitches on it, in your left hand,
the working yarn will be in the last stitch/first stitch
(which is it? perspective! once the needle is in your left hand, it’s the first stitch!)

hold the empty needle in your right hand.

hold the yarn (or not!) in which ever hand feels comfortable.

(there are some terms to describe different knitting techniques depending on which hand you hold the yarn in… bur bottom line, it doesn’t matter!)

start Knitting.
the right needle goes into the first stitch (under the left needle)–
the yarn gets wrapped around the right needle, and the loop (the wrapped bit of yarn) gets pulled to front, (through the loop)

the loop that was knit into, gets slid off the left needle
(1 stitch of row 1 on right needle)

repeat for all the stitches.

after stitch 1 and stitch2, gently snug up the stitch. don’t strangle the needle, just make the stitch snug.

after that… the stitches don’t need to be too snug… they should be ‘comfortable’ --not too loopy, but not tight…

OH, and that first stitch, on that first row? [B]it is difficult.[/B]

it’s always difficult… (you just get practiced!) no matter how many years you have been knitting.

Keeping the first stitch or two snug will help make the the last stitch or two at the end of the row easier to work and making them neat will help with stitch 1 and 2 on row 3!..

but row 1, stitch 1–it has no ‘help’ from the row below… and it’s the hardest stitch to knit and make nice looking…

so don’t obsess, or think you did something wrong, or other negative thought–YOU could be doing wrong… Its not you!

if you look at tabs on top of this page, you can find video’s of what to do… there are books too…
and if can find a knitting circle… great…

there are lots of ways to knit, and lots of ways to learn to knit.

Of Troy gave a good explanation, but if you need to SEE it, there’s a video called Demo of a Small Project on the Tips page that shows cast on, knitting a few rows and binding off.