Afraid of Flat Knitting

Yes, I admit it. I’m afraid to start that HiP scarf I want so much because it’s not done in the round. >.< So far I have knitted three scarves, a beanie, fingerless gloves, and super-long armwarmers, but nothing that involved going back and forth! I’ve only ever done swatches this way and the edges always looked too rough.

I’d also really like to do a super-quick bulky yarn, garter stitch, rugby-style school scarf (after three Harry Potter scarves, I’m nearly sick of knitting scarves - but I love wearing them!) This would mean changing colours just like the HiP scarf, but how do you weave in ends when you can’t hide the tail anywhere (double-sided is a must)? I’ve had issues with it poking through to the other side when it was too short. And is there a jog when changing colours this way?

Thanks for your patience!

If you weave it in the right way, you won’t be able to see the tails. Check out Amy’s video on duplicate stitch join. The edges being “messy” is a common complaint. If you slip the first stitch of each row it really helps.