Afghans for Afghans


Hello all,
If this is a rehash of old info, I apologize in advance. OTOH, it might be enlightening:

[I]Dear Knitters and Crocheters for Afghanistan,

The reward for your sharing your handiwork, your generosity and
caring, and for taking action when we have the opportunity …

We just got word that Church World Service is distributing 7,000+ of our wool blankets, sweaters, vests, socks, mittens, and hats to their children this week. Some were distributed on Wednesday and more on Sunday. These are cartons that we sent off in late 2009 and March 2010. The former batch had to transit overseas and then get through the customs process in both Pakistan and Afghanistan – by then, the weather was warming and too late to give for the winter season. The second batch had the same long journey overseas and then had to clear customs twice. Getting containers released from government authorities is a difficult feat, even for humanitarian purposes.

Church World Service had a tough year operating under more challenges than ever, and our hearts and admiration go out to them for their perseverance and for distributing our gifts with dignity and love to each child. [/I]


That’s very nice! I’ve knit many things for them. It’s nice to know that they are able to distribute them eventually. :thumbsup: