Afghans for Afghans Baby Surge

I am knitting baby socks and baby hats for the latest Afghans for Afghans request

So far I have four pairs of socks and one baby hat with ear flaps. Great way to use up all that leftover sock yarn. They want bright colors rather then pastels. The items are for the only neonatal unit in Afghanistan.

There are more at my blog and at the Afghans for Afghans blog

Lots of fun


Oh I bet I’ve got some yarn I can use up for that. :thumbsup:

What a cute little sock! :inlove: Thanks for the link, this looks like a wonderful cause to get involved with.

Thanks :slight_smile: Worsted weight socks would go even faster. But even in fingering weight it is only 40 stitches cast on. Leg lenght is 2 1/2 inches to 3 inches long. Foot is the same as the leg. So they don’t take all that long to do. There are links to patterns at the A4A blog.
Great way to practice making socks, if you always wanted to give them a try.


Here’s my first pair… I think they might be a bit small, but whatever… babies come in all sizes. I’ll make the next ones larger.

The baby item surge will start up again in Jan. Same as before, hats socks and blankets. You can send in items as they are completed.
Glad they are giving us a break for the holidays :cheering:


Oh good. I wasn’t able to get thos mailed and I want to make more as time permits so I’ll start again in January. Thanks for the update. :thumbsup:

I checked the website and the next deadline for the US is February 29, 2008. Do they have this project year-round? When do you think is the last date I can safely mail a package to arrive on time (so I’ll know how much longer I have to knit!)?

I decided I wanted to make a pair of socks for this, so I checked the A4A website and the only baby sock pattern I saw was the Super Quick Baby Socks - is that the pattern you used?

I made the first sock yesterday using the Super Quick pattern and followed the pattern suggestions (worsted weight yarn, size 7 needles). The pattern doesn’t provide gauge, finished measurements, or a schematic to go by, so I had no idea what size the sock would be.

Anyway, the finished sock measures 4-1/2" from heel to toe. The website states they want 2-1/2" to 3-1/2" socks, so do you think these socks will be accepted? This would be for a large baby!

Also, can you please give me a link for a smaller pattern? Or please tell me how to down-size this pattern? I know smaller needles will shrink it somewhat, but can I just make a shorter length foot or do I need to cast on fewer stitches for the width too? What about the length of the leg/cuff?

Sorry for SO many questions!

Jan, I LOVE those socks!!!
I just love how you matched the color changes! :inlove:

Thanks! I measured the length of the first color and just did the same thing on the second sock.

I never did mail them or make more. I’ll hang on to them and as I get time now and then I’ll add more and send them all later. I’m sure they can still use them. :wink:

I think you still have time to mail them. It says on the website that the deadline is Feb 29. I’m thinking of making a pair myself. (Like I don’t already have enough charity knitting to do. :roll: ) :teehee:

FYI - I sent an email to A4A and received a very nice reply. They will accept socks that are slightly bigger and will use the socks for older babies. For newborns, they want 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches in length.

Also, after this deadline, the newborn project will continue, so if you miss this deadline, check the website for the next one.

I checked the website and they now have a Mother’s Day Campaign for Newborns. The due date will be in May (the actual date hasn’t been announced yet). They need newborn hats, socks, and blankets.

Some of us are making 10-inch afghan squares with Lamb’s Pride Bulky yarn, so we can make a couple baby blankets in time!

Here’s the blog I made about our project:

Those are going to be gorgeous! I really like the colors. I would love to join you, but I’ve already purchased yarn and have started knitting baby socks.

This seems to be a year-round project so I’d like to join in if you do another afghan later on.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking that I’ll probably continue to collect those squares and make more blankets. I’m sure there is going to be a need for some time. And it seems that most people are making the smaller items. The blankets are a perfect project for us to all work on together.

I’ll send you a private message.