im looking for a blanket or lots of square patterns to try out lots of diffrent stich patterns on any one got a idear? would be better if i could knit up a square at a time so i can go back to it. ty


That sounds good. I mayb try that also if someone puts them on here.

Tahnks for putting this up.



this one is on my to do list

i could just try to put my stict patterns together but im frightend of them not being the same size…c/o the same amount everytime dont mean that ity will caome out the same size will it?


Thank You!’


hob, you’d need to adjust your CO for each diff stitch pattern (and yarn, if not the same for every sq). Check out my ‘Stashbuster Sampler Afghan’ in the What’cha Knittin’ forum. All the sqs were done with diff yarn, diff gauge but all on same sz ndl.

There are actual patterns for samplers but all you really need is some st dictionaries along with trial and error.


Thanks for this pattern…love it…its next on my list to do and i think i already have all the colors :woot:


Tempted to do this one too, but adult size.

I think it’s cheerful colours would certainly brighten up anybodies morning. You’ve got me keen to really get started on it now. :happydance:
I think it could also look great in a more limited colour palette. Like all blues/greens, or reds/purples etc.

Happy knitting.

i think im gonna go to the yarn shop on my next day off(wed) and get lots of bright yarns in for this. hmmm or mabty i should go for a more fall kinda look…browns reds ect… hmm i might have to do 2.