Afghans 4 injured Military UPDATE

Hi everyone … I found and joined this charity knitting project on THIS forum .

It is so awesome … they make and deliver afghans to [COLOR=red][B]military men and women injured while serving our country. [/B][/COLOR]

So I thought I would send along the update I received regarding this weekends put together project. They made [COLOR=seagreen][B]106 afghans using 5194 6x9 donated squares![/B] [/COLOR]That makes a total of
[COLOR=#339966][FONT=Franklin Gothic Demi Cond][B]831 Handmade Afghans! [/B][/FONT][/COLOR]

There is a link on their website with pictures of the afghans - they are so beautiful.

[COLOR=darkred][B]IF you want to participate or obtain more info please CONTACT Deborah @ [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=darkred][B][/B][/COLOR]

The next put together event is Sept … I am beginning my square stash to send along for this one.

Donations are needed of cash for postage and supplies as well as worsted weight acryilic yarn to crochet together the next set of blankets together …

God bless … KC

Thanks for posting this–I think that our service men and women deserve this and so much more!

I’m going to begin knitting a 6x9 rectangle --I have plenty of acrylic I bought when i first started knitting!:happydance:

You are very welcome and I am SOOOOO happy you would like to participate.

I whole heartedly agree with you … our brave men and women sacrifice so very much each day, and to now have to deal with injuries, it is heart wrenching! I am so happy to be able to contribute something to their recovery.

It is a fun project for me as I get bored easily and like to change up what I am working on. I am on my 6th square and each is a different pattern which keeps things fun.

It is a good way to use up the acrylic yarns and a very good portable project or one for beginners.

Thanks again for the reply and for participation.


Those are incredibly lovely. It was a pleasure looking at the finished items on the site. Someone so carefully placed squares in nice patterns and finished them off. Great job!

Has there been any correspondence back from people who have received them?

Hi Susan … it IS amazing how beautiful the afghans turnout. I have not seen anything on the site from receipients - but there was a thank you from the chaplain.


KC- thanks for posting the link!

I would love to join in on this, it’s such a worthy cause.

I also have a lot of acrylic yarn that I bought when I started knitting, it would be a great way to use it. Knitting the rectangles would also be a break from the large projects I currently have OTN, and something to work on in the car.

I’ll start knitting some up, I’m still slow, but I will eventually get some done and shipped off.

I agree, they have done a wonderful job putting the rectangles together, the afghans look wonderful!!

Genny … I am so excited that you would like to participate, it is a heartwarming project. My son is in Iraq, and this is one of my ways of “giving” and “remembering” to those that serve to protect us every minute of every day. I believe that these afghans support the families as well as the service men and women.

Enjoy the projects … it is a great way to practice new stitches … I have done some mock cables and other fun stitches and as you said a GREAT TRAVEL project .

Thanks again for your response. KC

I will be thinking about you and your son, and please let him know that he is appreciated!:hug:

I have done some squares before, I do use them to practice new things, I figure if I mess it up it’s no big deal, a square is not a problem to frog.:teehee:

Hi everyone … the next Put Together event for the 6x9 rectangle project to make afghans for injured military men and women, is on [B][U]September 23.[/U][/B] Lots of time to contribute a square or 2. :guyknitting:

[B]For this event ONLY[/B] they are accepting 6x9 squares in Homespun or other #5 acrylic yarns.

For more information visit their site:

Thanks to all those of you that have responded to this posting with your kind words … and generous efforts.

[I][B][COLOR=blue]And from one military mom to the rest of you with military connections … you know what I mean when I say … [/COLOR][/B][B][COLOR=blue]HOORAH, OORAH & HOOYAH …[/COLOR][/B][/I]


Thank you for sharing this KC! My husband and I are currently stationed at Ft. Lewis. I’ll be leaving in a couple week to continue working on my degree back home. We’ll be going though our first deployment in the spring and it has just been tearing me up inside that we’ll probably only get to spend about 1 1/2 months together over the next 2 years.

I’m definately going to make some sqaures. I think it would be very theraputic.

My manly-man DH just got home and I showed him the site and he agreed to learn how to crochet ust for this.

MRS ABi and hubby…
First and foremoste THANK YOU to both of you, for your service to our country! We are so blessed to have people like you in these very important roles. I so understand the sacrifices you make in your personal life and want you to Know that you are in my families prayers.

My husband was in the army for 14 years and was stationed in Ft Lewis for a few years as well! As a matter of fact we were just up in Eatonville over 4th of July for a family reunion, what a small world.

I hope you enjoy the knitting and crocheting as it is for a wonderful cause. And yes … it is very theraputic in many ways.

Gods speed to you. KC

[B][COLOR=red]Anyone interested in donating to this wonderful cause should contact Deborah at Email:[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#0066cc][/COLOR]

She will send along a Welcome email with all the information needed to participate in this program.

Thanks so very much to all of you that have contacted me regarding this project. Can’t wait to see the next sets of afghans that will be finished in September!

God bless … KC

Hi everyone … I am posting a link to pictures of the beautiful Handmade Afghans for wounded military service members.


I sent off my squares for this septembers put together event. Time to start a new stash :woot:

[SIZE=5][COLOR=#666666][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000]There is still time to get them out for this event. They need to be in Maryland by 9/18/07[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE]
[B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#666666]Have a wonderful week… KC[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

Hi! I thought I would jump in and get this thread going again…
[SIZE=“3”][FONT=“Arial Black”][COLOR=“DarkRed”]The Handmade Afghans to Thank Our Armed Forces Project
still needs your help![/COLOR][/FONT]![/SIZE]:poke:
In 2008 we will need 600 handmade afghans to make our deliveries to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. and
to Bagram Combat Medical Center in Afghanistan
[SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“DarkGreen”][U]YOU[/U] can help by making
6"x9" acrylic rectangles (ww yarn) [/COLOR][/SIZE] :yay:
Hope you will join us!!!
For more information check our website at
To join drop me a note at
[COLOR=“Purple”][I]Thank you for helping to thank those wounded in service to our country, Deborah[/I][/COLOR]

A big :thumbsup: thank you for nascardudette for the
6"x9" rectangles!
They arrived yesterday in plenty of time for our design event on Sunday.

This is such a wonderful organization … a great way to say thank you for the sacrafice these wonderful men and women have made so that we are SAFE and FREE here in the USA!!!
Anyone else have a little bit of time and yarn to contribute some squares towards these beautiful afghans?

This is a great group to be associated with. :happydance:

[COLOR=“DarkGreen”]The Handmade Afghans to Thank Our Armed Forces Project is a day away from our next Put Together Event (PTE) where we design the handmade afghans for our military members wounded in service to our country.[/COLOR]
[SIZE=“2”]Thought I would give you an update on our 6"x9" rectangle count…[/SIZE][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“DarkRed”]right now we have/have coming to the event
over 8,000 6"x9" rectangles!!! :woohoo:
Enough to lay out over 170 handmade afghans.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Indigo”][B]Thank you :cheering: to EVERYONE who contributed one or more 6"x9" rectangles!!![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=“Red”][B]We will need more 6"x9" (acrylic) rectangles soon - please think of making one or more. If you are interested drop me a note at and I’ll send you more info.[/B][/COLOR]
[FONT=“Garamond”][COLOR=“Purple”][I]Thank YOU for helping to thank those wounded in service to our country!!! Deborah[/I][/COLOR][/FONT]

Hugs to you, MrsAbi. :grphug: My husband has been in the navy for 13 1/2 years so I know how much being apart sucks.

This is a great idea. Count me in for some rectangles. :slight_smile: