This was custom-knit as a donation for a charity auction at my church. The winner of the auction picked the pattern and yarn. The final size was about 4’ x 5’ (after washing, it flattened nicely and stretched a bit). The yarn is Vanna oatmeal heather; the recipient is allergic to wool. Here are overview and close up pictures. I haven’t given it to her yet, but sent her an in-progress picture. I hope she loves it! There are - count 'em - 900 cables!!

That is gorgeous! :inlove:

Simply beautiful!!! :yay:

Wow! That’s wonderful!:cheering:

How could she not love it, it’s gorgeous!

That is so beautiful!!

Very impressive! That’s a lotta cables!!

Absolutely stunning. It’s a family heirloom and a treasure.

That’s beautiful!

They will love it. Yes, a lot of cable work on that. Beautiful. :heart:


This is a gorgeous skirt! A lot lot lot of work, but so satisfying as you see it develop! I’ll tell ya, this skirt would sell for $750 at a Boutique! Triple that if the Boutique is on Rodeo Drive!

Wonderful cable work! Perfect! :thumbsup:

Thanks ArtLady! You are my knitting hero, so it means a lot coming from you (and everyone)! I actually love doing cable work, so it was a fun knit. :muah: