O.K. My second child has finally decided on her college. Now to knit the afghan. I made my son’s afghan out of Lion Brand Homespun YUK :-x Any ideas for this afghan, patterns, yarn etc. I have approx 5 months to complete.

I’m knitting this blanket from Right now, the yarn for it is on sale at Webs for only 3.49. Normally, it’s ten dollars.

I am currently working on an afghan with wool ease. I like it because it does a good job of hiding mistakes, but it’s a bit coarse. The next one I make will be with Caron’s Simply Soft. I adore that yarn, it is machine washable, soft, and ooooh so cheap, so buying afghan quantity isn’t so hard on your checkbook.

PCwombat – I was wondering how soft the yarn is that you are using for the blanket? I really like the colors of the yarn available and for such a good price. Thanks for the link. I am thinking of trying it. Are you enjoying knitting with it?


nancydee, it is a bit scratchy if you really start rubbing it. Maybe a bit more so than Cascade 220. (Note, I don’t think that cascade is that scratchy.) But, it’s really nice to work with and so light and fluffy. I figure when I use the blanket, it’ll just be if I get a bit chilly, something nice over whatever I’m wearing, so it’s not going to be directly against the skin.

Plymouth encore is what I like to use.

Has anyone use Valley Yarns there is a pattern in an Interweave Magazine that calls for Valley Yarn. Is it soft?

If you want a stunning pattern, look at Lizard Ridge (I think) at knittingpatterncentral. It’s so beautiful, and if you’re super rich as well you can make it out of Noro. I’m not an afghan person, but this one is on my list of things to make.