Afghan yarn?

For those of you who have made an afghan please help. I’m going to make afghan #16 out of Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans and it calls for 2 strands ww held together throughout and size 17 needles.
question #1: what yarn do you reccomend? I need it to be machine washable and not real expensive.
question#2: I have addi turbo #17 32" but the cord is so thick, do you think knit picks #17 with the 32" cable would work better because of the thinner cord, or with the weight of the afghan is it better to have the thick cord?
thanks in advance

Machine washable could be anything - washable wool, wool/acrylic blend or acrylic. I don’t see how a thicker cord on circular needles would be either an advantage or disadvantage.

I like caron simply soft yarn it has a nice sheen to it and it is fairly cheap. Also it is acrylic so its machine washable:thumbsup:

I just picked up some Red Heart Soft Yarn at Michael’s for $2.50/skein (253 yards). It really is pretty soft (as the name implies) and so far is nice to work with. The other selling point for me was the “no dye lot,” since I can’t ever manage to buy enough yarn the first time :???:.

Oh, and 100% acrylic, machine wash, tumble dry low or dry flat (recommended).

I think I’ll probably use caron simply soft, I beleive they have a ‘no dye lot’ like red heart. I’m gonna need 10 skeins (I think) and am planning to buy a couple at a time using my 40% off to Michaels and Hobby Lobby, so no dye lots would work great!

I like to buy the “One Pound” from Caron, has 826 yards, soft, 100% acrylic, thick, washes well and from Joann’s is only 4.99-5.99. Has lots of nice, rich colors and for your double strand, would only take 4-5 skeins. Mary

mwhite: I was thinking about that too-but wondered how it washed, does it pill bad? I only need 2435 yards, so that’s [U]just[/U] under 3 skeins. Which means I’d have to divide 1 of them-ick, but it’s do-able.

Not in my experience, but I always put them in by themselves, cold water, gentle cycle and dry them on as little time as possible. No tricks for splitting skeins except pulling from the center and the outside. Place the skein so it’s standing on its end and it’ll be easier. Hope this helps… Mary

Love your baby ticker!! What a neat idea!!


I want to use Bernat Alpaca yarn. So Soft and feels great! cloud9 BUt I have to finish the other afghan already on the needles. ( But it’s acrylic and not so soft. :doh:[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/B]