Afghan Squares

I’m currently working on an afghan where you make the blocks separately and then sew them together. I have 11 blocks out of 20 finished, and I’m just looking for opinions. Should I block all of the squares and then sew them, or should I put it all together and then block the whole thing? Or both? This is my first big afghan and I’ve spent quite a bit on the yarn for all the blocks, so I want to make sure I do it justice. Any opinions or expertise is welcome.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Are all your squares identical? How large is the afghan? If all sqs are the same you could probably join and then block…altho blocking the afghan in its entirety might be cumbersome.

My preference is to block the ind sqs as I tend to work samplers. Helps to even out disparities. Also easier to block individual sqs as they take less space.


The squares technically are supposed to be identical. hehe. They’re 12"x12", but some have come out a little smaller or larger. It’s made with Manos, and the disparities in the yarn sometimes also has causes a little puckering in places. I’m intending it to be 4 squares wide by 5 squares long, so roughly 48"x60". I guess if I did indiviual blocks I could start blocking now.


It’s always easier to sew pieces together if they are blocked first, especially if they are in some stitch pattern that rolls, like stocking stitch.

Yes, even though they are supposed to be identical, I would definitely block them separately, then sew them together. I think you will be happier with the results that way.

Okay. Thanks for the advice. That’s what I’ll do. I guess if I do it that way I can start now instead of waiting until it’s all finished. Sigh. I need more room. hehe.

Thanks again.

I would block them first. I am doing the same thing for a baby afghan at the moment.

I just made an afghan out of Manos. It’s 12 squares and I made it in 3 strips and then sewed them together and then blocked it. The squares are supposed to be 12 inches by 12 inches, but some of the ones I made first are smaller than the ones I made last…not sure how it happened. Anyways, I sewed it together first because I wanted to stretch out some of the squares to be equal and I have never blocked anything before, so I didn’t know better. I just swished it around in the bathtub and rolled it out in some towels. It took 4 days to dry. Granted it was quite humid here at the time, but that seemed like a long time. Looking back on it, it was easier to knit because it was done in strips, 4 squares each, but the blocking was hard because I had to move the afghan from my bed to the open futon and back (I live in a 1 bedroom apartment). So, I really have no advice, but I thought it might be helpful for you to hear my experience with Manos.

Thanks. Several other people in my afghan group made theirs in strips, and I didn’t because I thought that way I would have more control over where the squares ended up in the end. We also were supposed to learn some fancy way of crocheting the squares together, so I held off because I figured that would be helpful to know and good practice. Well, in the end, it was decided that it was just easier to mattress stitch everything together. :cry: Oh well. The general consensus seems to be to block first, so that’s what I’ll do. I’m not sure I have a good drying place for the full afghan anyway.

Thanks again everybody! I’m still new to this forum and I love it. :cheering: