Afghan Size

I have a pattern for a full size afghan that is knitted in both k & p stitches but I want to make it for a baby so I want it to be smaller.
the full size requires 176 stitches which you knit the first 7 rows and then in the last row you inc 10 stitches evenly. I want to know if I can half the pattern so I would only cast on 88 stitches and then inc to 93 in the last row of the 7th row s knitted, will the 93 be a problem as it ends in an odd number ??:shrug:

Do you have a link to the pattern? That would help.

Hi Jan: No I don’t it is on one of those huge balls of wool you get at Wal-mart but I will give you a few rows of the pattern:Cast on 176 stitches k 7 rows noting first row is WS and inc 10 sts evenly across lst row, 186.
1st row:(RS) k5,*K5.p11.rep from * to last 5 stiches. k5
2nd row:k5.*k11.p5.Rep from * to last 5 sts K5.
3rd row:As 1st row
4ths row: k5.Purl to last 5sts.K5.
5ths row Knit
6th row: As 4th row.
7th row:K5.P4.*K5.P11.Rep from * to lst 17 sts.K5.P7.K5
8th row:K12.*P5.K11.Rep from *to last 14 sts.P5.K9.
9th row: As 7th row

Let me know what you think keeping in mind I will be working with 93 stitches.
Thanks :slight_smile:

You have a stitch pattern repeat there, and sts for the edges, so just cutting the number of sts in half won’t work. And would probably be too small. If you look at the finished size, it’s probably about 45", half would be 22" and pretty small even for a baby blanket. So I don’t think 93 sts will be enough and it won’t work with the pattern repeat. Keep reading while I explain that…

Take off the first and last k5 sts, those are the edges. That leaves a pattern repeat of 16, the k5, p11. You want to decrease the stitches in multiples of 16. First figure out how many sts per inch you get, then how wide you want it - around 30" is a good size for a baby blanket. Multiply your sts/inch by 30 which will be the number of sts to start with. Take off 10 for the edge sts and see if the remainder is divisible by 16. Go up or down a few sts until you have a number you can 16 into evenly. Then add the 10 edge sts back on and that will be what you cast on.

I wouldn’t worry about increasing the sts after you have the garter border knit. For a larger blanket that would be so the edge isn’t wider than the main part, but I don’t think you would have that problem in a smaller blanket. Otherwise, follow the pattern as written.

Thanks :slight_smile: