Afghan problem

Hello all, I am looking for help! I have started this afghan three or four times and have been encountering problems by the time I get to Row 3 of the pattern. After redoing it I think I have discovered the problem but I don’t know the solution.

Row 2 and all WS rows want me to K3, purl across to last st, end K3. In my previous attempts I have read this as K3, purl to the last 3 stitches and then knit them. This made sense as it has a border of 3 knitted stitches. But now I’m reading it again and realize it wants me to purl to the last stitch and then K3.

I have been having trouble with row 3 because I run out of stitches. I have cast on 127, knit three rows and then knit row 1 of the pattern. At this point (starting row 2) I have 125 stitches so I obviously have to increase but am not sure how to “end K3”.


We need a little more information, like what do row 1 and 3 say? You’re correct that row 2 is k3, p to last 3 sts and k3, there may be a typo that left out `last 3 sts’.

Thank you so much!! Row 1 is
K3, k2 tog, *yo, k5, yo, sl 1, k2Tog, psso; rep from * to last 10 st, k5 ssk, k3
Row 3 is a repeat of row 1. I have double double checked my row one (as if that is foolproof) and I have 125 stitches. This is my fourth start on the project because by the time I finish Row 3 I am short of stitches to finish the pattern. I have done Row 1 four times now and am quite comfortable with it and cannot see any mistakes when I check it over.

Thanks again for any help you can give me. I really wonder about a typo except for the problem with Row 3. It could be that I’m to increase two stitches on the last stitch in Row 2 but that seems a bit strange when they don’t mention an increase. I would end up making something on quite an angle wouldn’t I?

Yes, putting more sts at the end of row 2 would make the edge slant out, but… I can see 1 problem - there’s decs at the end and beginning of the row that aren’t offset by a YO. The repeated sts have 2 YOs and a dbl dec, but not on the ends. So you end up 2 sts short. Maybe you are supposed to knit 3 in the last st on the WS rows… How does it look in the pattern?

Well, from my limited experience it is hard to tell and in the picture the afghan is draped in a way that is a bit deceiving but it is the only solution I can see and they do talk about blocking it lightly on completion which would make some sense I suppose. I guess I will just barge ahead with knitting three on the last stitch and see what I come out with. I’m not sure if I know how to do that but the only way to know is to try. Otherwise I will be back again.

Thank [B]you [/B]and this marvelous website for coming to my rescue. I really appreciate your time.

Thanks!:knitting: :knitting: