Afghan pattern suitible for a teen

My son has ask if I could knit an afghan for his girlfriend in her favorite colors, pink and green. I have found a lot that I like but none of those are 2 color or fun looking. The gf is 15 and may or may not be his lifelong love so something fun and simple would be great. Any ideas? Free or pay as this doesn’t matter.

I am working on the Cromwell afghan, free pattern from this weeks newsletter from Lion brand. It looks great in the picture and so far it is knitting up pretty and quickly.

I checked that one out and while a great afghan I don’t know if there would be a way to make it with the 2 colors.

You could make a simple afgan with pink + green yarn like in This scarf

This is a crochet pattern - not knit - but it looks super modern and easy and even looks good in pink and green.

The pattern was re-released and not that expensive.

I like that one and can crochet much faster than I knit. I will have to look in my back issues of Annies Attic to see if I have that issue and pattern. Any time I find an issue I buy it, sometimes I already have it but sometimes I don’t.

OOOOOH I like that too. I wonder if I could knit up several scarves and connect them together to make an afghan? Or maybe i should just quadruple or more the width

I knit an afghan once, and it was like 7 or 8 scarves I sewed together. It was really easy

If you like the star here’s a free one.

I personally don’t like round or shaped blankets because they are harder to snuggle under or cover a baby, but they are pretty. That cabled scarf is an easy enough pattern you could just look at how many she’s cast on and the width it created and cast on enough for an afghan.

From the perspective of a 17 year old girl, I like the scarf better than the star. But you could ask your son, since he might know more about her taste.