Afghan pattern question

I’m thinking of making this bedtime story afghan. From the pattern, it doesn’t seem to tell at what point I’m supposed to start knitting the animals on each block. Can anyone help?

Hi…the animals are embroidered on afterwards. Probably using cross stitch so you don’t actually knit them. You download the charts for the animal patterns. Knitting first and then embroider second :slight_smile:

It looks like they are just centered in each square.

Oh ok, I thought they were meant to be knitted along with the afghan. Can I use the double knitting method? I saw that Amy has a video on it.

I guess you could, however, you would have to apply the graphs to the knitting pattern and knit in the second colour as per that graph. In other words you’d have to know exactly where those second colour knitting stitches would go as you are knitting. You could figure it out :slight_smile: The embroidery is meant to be the straightforward method in a way however if you feel confident you could try a swatch square and see how easy you find it to do two colours. Download the shapes and perhaps choose one as an experiment?

Thanks! Since I don’t know how to cross stitch, I’ll try the double knitting and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Cross stitch is actually very straightforward once you know how and do a sample…however…good for you! :slight_smile: You go girl! Let us know how you go with it.

[COLOR=plum][B]I tried doing duplicate stitch on a vest today for the first time - it turned out great! So maybe I’ll be using this for the afghan[/B][/COLOR] :teehee: