Afghan pattern help

I am having a hard time with a step in the pattern :frowning:

It says:

row 3~ P2 K6 P2, skip next st, with yarn in front of left hand point of needle k in front of next st but do not slip off needle, k the skipped st, slip both st off left hand point of needle.

My problem is that everytime I try I create a new st…am I missing something?

You’re making a twist st or mini cable. After you p2, k6, p2, then knit into the 2nd st on the L needle from the front, but you have to leave it on because the skipped st is in the way. Then knit the 1st st and let them both off the L needle as usual.

exactly, this is a two-stitch cable. I have encountered these as well. if your pattern allows for it, I would propose an easier twisted stitch. I use it instead of other 2-stitch cables, because it’s easier to do.

You knit two together, but don’t drop them off the left hand needle, then you knit the first stitch again, then you drop off both stitches. Gives you a (right crossing???) cable.

It does cross in some way, and other variants with “knit tbl of second stitch, then knit first stitch”, or something along those lines gives you the stitch crossing in the other way.