Afghan pattern help

I love this pattern. I think it is an easy pattern but I’m having a problem figuring out exactly what the pattern is. Also, how do you figure out the formula for how many stitches to chain. Thanks so much for your help.

I am not a crocheter but, it looks like the chevron stitch.


Perhaps you would help out PennsylvaniaPat?

Hello, Pat. That is a very pretty pattern.

Have you determined if it is using a DC or HDC stitch?

I tried to zoom your image but I couldn’t resolve the stitch type but i think they are HDC sts. You could try one swatch with DC stitch pattern over four rows and then change to HDC stitch pattern for the next four rows to decide.

Can you show us another view of the foundation row with the row end? That would help answer the chain length count.

Looks like a repeat of just two rows:

I will guess that it starts with a chain and a row of SC for a foundation for the V stitches.
The first row repeates the V stitch centered over 7 stitches, followed by 5 HDC.
The second row of the repeat uses a 7 HDC fan stitch worked in the center chain space of the V stitch in the previous row.

Chain 12 multiplied by your number of repeates, plus 5, plus 1 (2 if using HDC, 3 if using DC). Note: Image above uses SC as foundation row worked into starting chain (of 30 sts).

Row 1: turn, Ch 2 (count as first HDC), 4 HDC, [{ch 1, skip three sts, HDC in 4th (i.e. center st), ch 3, HDC in the same st as the previous HDC, ch1, skip 3 sts (this is your first V stitch completed)}, HDC in each of the next 5 HDC] Repeat between [ and ] for your number if repeates.

Row 2: turn, Ch 2 (count as first HDC), 4 HDC, [7 HDC in the center Ch space of the V stitch from previous row, HDC in next 5 HDC] repeat across.

That seems to work in my test crochet.

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Thank you for your help. Unfortunately this is the only picture I have but I do know that it starts out with 5 dc. With the 1st row being black I can’t see the foundation row either. Sometimes I tend to over think things. This seems like a very easy pattern. I never thought of the V-stitch! That looks like you may just have figured out how to crochet this pattern. I do believe you are a genius! Thanks again for your help. I always get the best help from this forum!