Afghan Pattern Chart

Ok I am using a pattern chart for the first time and have run into a few questions/problems. First the instructions tell me:
Using Smaller needle, CO 308 stitches.
[B]Set up Row (RS):[/B] Work 5 stitched in Garter st, place marker(pm), work section A of Knot Chart once, pm work section B to last 19 sts, pm, work section C once, pm, work in Garter st to end. keeping first and last 5 sts in Garter st, repeat rows 1 and 2 of chart for 2", ending with a WS row. Change to larger needle and work even until entire chart is complete. Repeat rows 1-32 of chart until piece measures approx 60" from the beginning, ending with row 32. Change to smaller needles. Repeat rows 1 and 2 of chart for 2". BO all sts.
Ok, these instructions make total sense, until you come to a part in the chart where there is a 28-st-repeat. On the rows before five they were easy to follow. When I get to row five there is a st that is half (2 sts) in the 28-st-repeat or section B in the instructions and half (2 sts) in section C. I am not sure what I am supposed to do here. There is a bold line on both ends of the 28-st-repeat (section B) but on this row (row 5) the line does not exist. Am I supposed to just keep repeating the entire row instead of just one section. or should I keep with reapeating section B just follow the lines demarcating the repeat from the row before?
Here is a pic of the chart

the sections are just for orientation. you do not have to fear war when you cross them over into each other.

just follow the chart and take your orientation from the rows below then it all falls into place. Where you have been repeating a section, you will repeat it in the following rows.

it is not a problem, either, since that 28 stitch repeat beginns with a crossing from the previous section and ends with one into the next. So when you repeat it, it “completes itself” and you cross into the beginning of that section again.

Just always ask yourself: what will happen if I do this. and then you see: it forms a perfect repeat.

Thank you so much!!!

the answer is usually just 1 post away. Keep asking when stuff occurs.

Charts are real simple once you get used to them.