Afghan On The Needles! LOVE IT!


Here is what I have on the needles now! I’m loving this! The Main Color is so CREAMY OFF-WHITE! And the brown,. gold and copper color is Crytsal Palace " WAIKIKI " yarn called Chocolate Almond. I need about 3 more skeins of it though.

And here are the stitches UP CLOSE.


That is lovely ! It is going to look great.

Looks realy warm too.

Rita :slight_smile:

The colors are beautiful!! What pattern are you using?

There’s something wonderful about afghan weather (sigh).:heart:

Hi Denise,

Yes, I love Fall & Winter Weather ! There is just something about cuddling up in an afghan. Especially if Hubby is there to join in… :slight_smile:

But it’s even better if YOU YOURSELF made the afghan your snuggling in.[/COLOR][/B]



looks nice and warm .

Looking good!



Thank You! It’s a double Rib, but you can’t tell with all of the different color plus a largger needles size.[/B]

it looks great and cozy…I don’t think I could make an afghan for myself…I have enough trouble staying focused on a baby afghan :teehee:

Ohh I can’t wait to see it finished! :slight_smile:

This is going to look so so nice when it is finished and so cosy.
I love the yarn! :cool:

That is so pretty!

Great Combo! :yay: Unique! Thanks for posting the closeup!