Afghan needs help

Last year I started working on checked afghan in tan/cream (to go with needlepoint pillow in pic). Love the colors, worked in blocks of 3 across and then seamed. But I originally would’ve preferred a more gingham effect so tried doing some dupe stitch. Unfortunately the extra yarn adds too much weight to those blocks and makes them widen disproportionately to the others.

Can’t frog given all those blocks have been cut from the skein but not enamored of just ending up with the tan/cream check.

Any ideas on how to embellish some of the cream blocks? My colors are the red and green with all artwork in red geraniums. Decor is clean, simple lines so don’t want frilly…prefer tailored. (Border will most likely be mitered…perhaps with rev sc, or attached i-cord.)



I don’t have any suggestions but wanted to say how nice your work looks

Thanks, sue. The original idea of tan/cream sounded great in my head but once worked up it’s pretty boring. Hoping to hit on something that’ll give it a bit of oomph.